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Let's Enahnce

13 March

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Full time

Let’s Enhance helps companies around the globe to make commercial-ready images in a second using the latest AI tech. We are the team of ex-Googlers, ML enthusiasts and provide a complex solution to the e-commerce photo companies, so they can be focused only on the sales process while Let’s Enhance takes care of anything else. Last year we've been selected to Techstars London among 10 other top European tech startups.

To accelerate our growth, we’re searching for experienced sales managers to join the team. You will help with building the processes, run experiments, and make demos. This team is a crucial part of the company and has all the resources to make an impact on the roadmap and how we grow.

You Need To Have

  • 2+ years of experience in sales

  • Track record of building processes and teams from scratch

  • With a passion for data and experiments

  • The strong desire to have an impact

  • Love for the creative industry

  • Be ready to get your hands dirty

  • The excitement from an everyday job

  • Fluent in Eglish (knowing the difference between American and British English is a strong plus)

You'll Be Working On

  • Profiling current customers to find the ICP

  • Testing and validating new market’s segments

  • Engaging with and supporting the engineering team to build the best product 

  • Running demos to find what’s the biggest pain points of our leads and what we can do about it

  • Creating and managing outbound campaigns 

  • Managing and optimizing sales pipeline

  • Contributing to the overall strategy and growth of the company

  • Building up the team, teaching and coaching them to achieve outstanding growth over the times