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Webinar “Performance Advertising in Social Media”

  • Дата:

    13 May

  • Время:

    Весь день

  • Локация:

    Online (Facebook Live)

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Social performance advertising is a must if you’re looking to reach a new, targeted audience fast and boost your product. 💥

Today, performance marketing campaigns give you the ability to measure everything from brand reach to conversion rate down to a single ad. But what are the main keys? How to win at it?

Join the event to learn:

🔹 How to get maximum potential on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to maximize business revenue.
🔹 How to connect platform features and modern performance approaches to get incremental value.
🔹 Communication strategies as the key to success. How to develop & implement.
🔹 Case studies.


🔸 Павел Антонов (Pavel Antonov) — Head of Mobile Performance Unit at Httpool Baltics & founder of Targetorium — School of Marketing & Advertising.

Founded in 2000, Httpool is an international cross channel advertising network with 30 offices around the world. The company offers the broadest range of ad network products and solutions across display, video, engagement, social and performance channels, both across mobile and desktop devices.
Official partners of Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Reddit, Tik-Tok, LinkedIn, Snapchat. 🔥

📍 Join us live on Facebook. We will publish a video when the event starts!
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