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We are privately owned software product development, engineering, and IT consulting services company. Since 2014, we’ve helped the different companies imagine, design, engineer, and deliver software that changes the world. Also we got our own SaaS, you may have heard of them. 


Tradvizor analyzes the stock market via AI. It allows both beginners and expert traders to increase their returns. The system generates about 7.000 signals for products listed on global exchange markets. Tradvizor is also equipped with a screener and trade adviser to distribute all-inclusive trading strategies.



DataProm analyzes online and offline data of business and gives detailed recommendations on how to optimize business processes. Due to the neural network, it also can make predictions about clients’ behavior that also increases efficiency of business operations. The accuracy of predictions is about 78%.



SportLab  analyzes sports events with neural networks and mathematical analysis. The unique algorithms process data on the player’s TTD, speed, physical strength, internal and external conditions of the tournament and effectively predict the match outcome, possible injuries or progress of the player.



DataScoring  is designed to help credit analysts to do more operations with a positive outcome. DataScoring neural network analyzes credit story of potential clients and gives an appropriate resolution about each operation. DataScoring reduces risks of debt and makes credit service stable and profitable.



From engineering to architecture, business analytics to project management, artificial intelligence to customer support solutions, and so much more — choose from a variety of paths and grow your dreams with us.