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About us

QArea provides award-winning web & mobile development and QA testing services for 18 years. Our in-house team of 280 specialists in development, testing, the design successfully launched 800+ projects for enterprises, SMEs and startups. Giants as eBay, Microsoft, Skype, AOL, Huffington Post trust their code to QArea experts to write and evaluate.

Our services

  • Custom Software and Web App Development: We provide software development services of any difficulty level. Being experts in fresh field of microservices and modular architecture, we successfully launch projects based on innovative Golang. Our development teams also operate such fundamental technologies as PHP, JS, Python, .NET, Ruby on Rails, C++, and are not limited to.
  • Mobile App Development and Maintenance: Our Android and iOS development teams create feature-rich mobile apps with UI/UX that corresponds not only to the client’s vision but to the potential users’ needs as well.
  • Full-cycle Automated and Manual QA testing: We are comfortable with cutting-edge testing techniques and practices. Our QA Lab - QArea, counts 160 engineers, who are equipped with 250 real devices to ensure client’s product is tested on the professional level and has the finest quality on the release stage.
  • IT consulting: Our BI segment is qualified to support enterprise projects at the highest level. We provide complex solutions for startups, assisting in overall tech consulting as well as creation of MVP, and projects from scratch.
  • Support & maintenance: QArea expertise allows to expand our clients' in-house teams and bring our value into the ongoing processes. We care not only about the exact development of the product but also about its performance and positioning after release.

Our products

In order to make code delivery even more effective, we launch not only clients’ products, but our own as well. It helps us to optimize the internal processes with customer needs, one of which is transparency.

We made sure our products DueFocus and CodeQuality eliminates the lack of transparency and the need for micromanagement from the client.

Management becomes easier, because the software takes care of monitoring code quality, detecting potential creators of tech debt, and ensuring efficient allocation of time. As a result, developers control their own efficiency, while clients can get a clear view on the progress.

Our products are capable of delivering accurate reports on the developers' progress in real-time, ensuring complete transparency. The tools help to identify potential roadblocks faster and streamline the improvement of your software quality while taking very little time from your schedule.

We made sure our software eliminates the lack of transparency and the need for micromanagement from the client.